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Amarone DOC

Varenummer:62102-2009 Dal Forno
Pris pr.1flaske
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Dal Forno
Robert Parker 99

Romano Dal Forno og hans tre sønner råder over 30 ha vinmarker. Udover Recioto laver Dal Forno kun to vine. En Valpolicella og en Amarone. Romano Dal Forno overtog gården i 1980 og med hjælp og inspiration fra legendariske Giuseppe Quintarelli opnåede Dal Forno allerede i slutningen af 1980erne stor anerkendelse nationalt og internationalt for alle tre vine. Dal Fornos vine er meget koncentrerede, hvilket bl.a. kan anskueliggøres ved, at der til 15 liter Amarone går 100 kg druer. Kvalitetsbevidstheden er høj hos Dal Forno, hvilket betyder at der er enkelte år hvor de påtænkte druuer til amaroneproduktion overgår til Valpolicella-produktion. "Statistikken" viser at det er i de år at Valpolicella høster højeste ratings hos bl.a. Robert Parker - senest i 2005 og 2007. Eneste ulempe med Dal Fornos vine er den høje prisklasse, men de er en oplevelse i sig selv. Dal Fornos hjemmeside

Robert Parker skrev i 2013:
The wines of Romano Dal Forno are always a highlight of my annual tasting calendar. In many regards, these radically unique wines put the wine critic to the test, not the other way around. I approach the evaluation with a certain level of apprehension and am willing to bet that many of my wine-writing colleagues experience similar emotions. Dal Forno’s wines throw so much at you at once, in machine-gun rapid-fire succession, you need extra time to recover from the whiplash, gather your thoughts and assess them correctly. They are nearly impossible to taste blind because the enormity of the sensorial characteristics, the stratospheric intensity and the utterly impenetrable appearance are dead giveaways. These wines shout their true identities at ear-piercing decibels. Tasted too young, they are not even likeable. The exaggerated extraction and astringency make them unapproachable for years. Amazingly, beyond the cacophony is melody. Once I “got” these wines, I started to consider them like unique works of art. A painting could hold violent splashes of color but still bring peace to the viewer. A fashion design could be outrageously modeled but still bring comfort to the wearer. Loud percussions can still be part of beautiful music.
The Dal Forno family considered the idea of releasing their Amarone ten years after the harvest. If that plan had been implemented, this would be the vintage on the market now. The 2009 Amarone della Valpolicella Monte Lodoletta is a full and generous expression that delivers thick lines and robust flavors of dried blackberry, camphor ash, exotic cedar wood, licorice and tarry road pavement. This vintage saw average temperatures throughout the growing season with a few hailstorms along the way. Very dry weather led to some mild drought in July and August, with ensuing ripening and concentration of the clusters. I found this monumental wine to be irresistible when I first tasted it five years ago, and I consider it to have improved since then. This is one of the most complete and comprehensive vintages produced at Dal Forno, and it gives us an ample 360-degree view onto the might, brawn and potential of this icon wine from the Veneto. Its evolutionary track shows no sign of slowing down. 2019 - 2045